Best places to eat in Northern Morocco

Morocco is a paradise for those low-budget travelers who love to eat. This African country has a very particular cuisine and, from my point of view, it is exquisite. So, I found interesting to share with you those typical dishes and good value restaurants where to eat in Northern Morocco. It is a compilation of those that I liked the most on the 6-day route I did in  November 2019 around that area. Therefore, I highly recommend you not to miss them out. Here we go!


Two nights we were in Fez and two nights we had dinner in this restaurant. I must say that we found it hard to find good quality and cheap places where to eat in Fez. In fact, we had dinner in this restaurant twice because it was the only option that met these requirements.

Hakim Restaurant has a wide variety of traditional dishes, as well as a menu, which I think that ends up being the best option. This menu costs about 70 dirhams (approximately €7) and includes:

Bread + Starter (Moroccan salad or soup) + Main course + Traditional dessert

Regarding the main course, I tried two of them:

    • Lemon Chicken Tagine
    • Pastilla: puff pastry stuffed with chicken, caramelized onions, almonds and spices, covered with cinnamon and glass sugar.

Undoubtedly, the best choice was to have the Pastilla. OMG … WHAT A DELIGHT! It was the best dish I tried in the whoooole trip. The combination of sweet and savory was a real bomb of pleasure. Do not miss the opportunity to try it!

PASTILLA in Hakim Restaurant (Fez)

It was the first restaurant we tried when arriving in Morocco and from which the reviews I read were really good. Once there, we asked for another of the dishes par excellence of the Moroccan cuisine:

COUSCOUS of vegetables and chicken, topped with caramelized onion and raisins

The portion was huge and the quality was good. About the price, it cost around 7€, including bread (which we devoured in a matter of seconds) to accompany the dish. I don’t have any photo on the memory card, but you can see how the couscous looks both in publication, and in Morocco’s stories highlights, on the following Instagram account for food lovers:


In Tangier’s Kasbah there is an artisan bakery, where a wide variety of delicious typical Moroccan sweets are offered.

I must say that we saw many bakeries around the several places we visited, but we found most of them very dirty. The good looks of the sweets faded when  flies, wasps and other insects were seen fluttering through them. Instead, this bakery was the only one we saw that was impeccable.

So, if you do not want to take a 2×1 (sweet + insect) and you want to try yummy Moroccan sweets, do not hesitate to stop by. I am sure you will love it. : D

This famous restaurant could not be missed in this post about where to eat in Northern Morocco. If there is something it stands out for, it is because of the beautiful views that can be enjoyed from the terraces of its many floors. From them, you can see both the main square of Chefchaouen and the town as a whole.

Regarding the food, it is also delicious. It has a menu that costs 85 dirhams (approximately €8.5) and includes:

Bread + Starter + Main course + Dessert

In my case, I went for a Kefta Tajine as a main course and the truth is that it was such a good decision. Judge with your own eyes:

KEFTA TAJINE in Aladin Restaurant (Chefcahaouen)

I must say too that its service was not the best. We waited for the menus for a long time and for the dishes to be taken out. In addition, we had to ask for different things several times. I guess all this happened because there was a lot of clientele, but I think it’s still something to keep in mind because as I heard, it is quite packed every day. Besides this, everything was great.


If there is something that we ate the most in Morocco, it was tacos. Yes, you are reading well, TACOS 😛 We also ate traditional food but we went many times for these options since, in addition to tasting very good, they were very cheap. They probably weren’t the healthiest and most elaborate in the world, but they were mainly made with unprocessed products, such as chicken and veggies.

The tacos we liked the most were the ones made in Miam’s Food (Meknes). OMG! See how good they were that I even ordered two at a time for lunch haha. Its price? € 2.5 a huge and delicious chicken taco.

CHICKEN TACO in Miam's Food (Mekness)

So, if you are on a low budget, I recommend that you go for these alternatives in most of your meals. You will eat well and it will help you reduce expenses.

These are all my best recommendations about where to eat in Northern Morocco. I hope to have opened your appetite and increased your excitement to go and try all this delicious meals.

For those who ended up reading this post and have already been in Northern Morocco: do you know any other restaurants / food places where to eat well and cheap? Please, leave it in comments. Both me and the rest of the travelers who read it, will be thankful for sure. Thanks in advance!

Do not hesitate to write any messages or doubts in comments and/or directly to . I will be so happy to read them and be of any help to you. Greetings dear travelers!


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